Solitary sisters

Malltraeth menhir, Ynys Mon by Tim PrevettFinding myself back on a path from which I strayed a long time ago is proving interesting in many ways – and my wilderness years haven’t been a complete write-off. Right now I’m thinking specifically of my belated self-acceptance of my womanhood: there have been (and continue to be) many ripples from that particular stone thrown into the lake of my existence.

A feminist awakening is just one such change of perspective that I experienced and I must admit that, as I delve deeper into the numerous written and online resources available to me, feminist viewpoints often seem to be missing and I find myself wondering why. Where are those women who are travelling paths parallel to mine, be it as a solitary Druid or within a Grove? Where are the feminist women Druids?

I should point out that I ask these questions rhetorically; I’ve come across a few women Druid bloggers whose feminism, although not overt is nevertheless present. So I’m not expecting to find eleventy million comments from solitary sisters all saying “Here we are!” – that would just be weird. Not to mention a little unsettling: I call myself a solitary for a good reason!

However, surely even the most solitary feminist woman Druid has times when she would welcome just a little reassurance that she’s not the only one out there, that others also find their path is clearer when viewed through a feminist lens. And let me not forget that sometimes the simple act of asking a question is sufficient. Answers, if they exist, often come in their own sweet time and perhaps not in a form that we may have been expecting, or hoping for…


Image: Malltraeth menhir, Ynys Mon by TimPrevett, found at The Megalithic Portal
Modified by Penny C