Summer solstice 2015

Stonehenge BW postcard

Another turn of the wheel and I write this somewhat distractedly. There’s more uncertainty in my life than ever and at the time of writing I can’t say categorically that I won’t be homeless by September. What I do know is that the UK – politically, socially, economically – is on the brink of complete meltdown and I, like many millions of others, are merely drowning in the oncoming tsunami driven by the undersea earthquake that is an economic policy (neoliberal “austerity”), being pursued with a single-minded intensity by people – bankers, politicians, corporate institutions – who are so wrapped up in their own fixation on the financialisation and commodification of everything that they cannot (will not) see the damage they are doing.

solsticesunIn a nutshell, if you have nothing to sell, if you can’t hang a price tag on your life, then you’re nothing, part of the problem, and must expect persecution, demonisation and erasure. So I, like those countless others, are beyond living a precarious life, everything really is hanging by a thread. So today, it’s hard for me to find any form of positivity, to find anything to celebrate.

Anyway. Enough of my pessimism.

Bright blessings to all who mark the solstice today, may awen flow into and through you, may you flow into and through awen, may everything find its equilibrium… Blessed be…


I don’t recall where I found the images for this post; online somewhere… They’re used here entirely without permission, not for any kind of financial gain, but simply because I like them and felt they were appropriate to illustrate this post. If by chance the owners of the rights to the images should see this and wish me to remove them, please leave a note in the comments.


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