Songs of Time & Distance

This is the online archive of my demotape hell, aka tunes by Positive Earth and frequency10 from a long time ago…

Change (0352 Vocal Mix)

This was the last song I recorded with my friend Mandi, who sang and co-wrote the lyrics. It was the only song we recorded (under the name Positive Earth) in the late summer of 1994 at the last house in Wales I lived in before leaving the principality forever. Although we didn’t discuss it, I think we both knew that, after several years writing and recording demos (and in the process becoming good friends), we’d probably never record together again – and the lyrics, I think, reflect the sadness that we both felt about parting.


independence day

I made this tune about 20 years ago, on the day I received the official notification that I was divorced – hence the title.

It’s about being aware of being alone, of the conflicting notions of the simple human need to be with others who share your views and opinions on Life, The Universe And Everything – and knowing, almost instinctively, that you will more than likely never find your One True Soulmate. It’s about being alone and simultaneously loving it and hating it; about belonging and not belonging. It’s about wanting a place to call home; about not being able to find that place – and not wanting to…

“Home was so far gone behind me it was gone forever, and there was no place to rest.”


Slowly Turning

…for the woman I once thought I loved…


No Horse Town

Another Positive Earth favourite; again from 1992. I don’t know how many versions of this were recorded – it was an endless struggle to find the ‘right’ tempo – but I think this is one of the better ones. Also, one of my more disciplined guitar breaks in the middle: seriously, I was always incapable of playing the same solo twice. And, in the light of my current state of extreme itchy feet, the lyrics seem very apt.


Drive/Paradise (Trans-Europa)

“Drive Me Away” meets “Barefoot At Twilight” by frequency10


Sister World

Lyrics written by – and included here by kind permission of – Mike Jones (Latin Quarter)



One of my rare five-chord tricks from around 1992. Slowly getting my songwriting technique together but it could still have done with a shorter intro and outro. Mandi’s in good form, though!

I have absolutely no idea what these lyrics are about; you’d have to ask Mandi 😉


Barefoot At Twilight

For Kim, wherever she may be…

Another from the last summer in Wales


Change (frequency10 remix)

1994 remix of “Change (0352 Vocal Mix)

We’ve got a sampler and we’re going to use it.

…so long and thanks for all the fish… again…


Drive Me Away

This is from around 1991, I think.


Full Circle (Slowly Turning)

1995, I think.

Last known version of one of my favourite riffs. I was never ashamed to say I was just a three-chord merchant but I was always talking myself down. Truth is, on a good day I might even find up to five…


Performed, programmed, recorded, mixed and sort-of-produced by Positive Earth and frequency10 at Playrooms 1-3 (north wales) and Studio 74 (london) 1990 – 1995… Remixes, post-production and further tampering with the evidence by helen_bop at the cardboard box (manchester) 1995 – 1996… Original 4-track cassette demotapes converted to mp3s by the stresswitch at playroom 4 (london) 2004…

Positive Earth and frequency10 remain defiantly unapologetic for the lo-fi sound, because that was the extent of the technology available at the time (and it were nowt but green fields round here when I were a lass)… The real name of this collection is “love it or shove it”…


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